ITU Playcast 3

Videogame objects, Unpacking

When is a bunch of pixels an object rather than a picture of an object? Can I unpack these digital objects into a series of homes and apartments? Find out now, as we discuss Jesper Juul’s latest playable essay on videogame objects, and Witch Beam’s charming new game Unpacking. Hosted by Dom Ford and Paweł Grabarczyk. This is the third episode of ITU Playcast, a podcast by the Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen. Returning after a little while, we’re trying out a simple format: each episode, we have a chat about one academic paper and one game. Notes: Juul, Jesper. (2021). ‘The Game of Video Game Objects: A Minimal Theory of When We See Pixels as Objects Rather than Pictures.’ Witch Beam. (2021). Unpacking. Published by Humble Games.