ITU Playcast 5

Robert Maxwell and the early UK videogame industry, Inscryption

We see how the early stages of the UK (and international) videogames industry came to be by following Alex Wade’s account of eccentric media mogul and fraudster Robert Maxwell, and talk about the weird and wonderful hit game, Inscryption. (This episode may sound different and be a little quieter than others - this is due to technical problems. Apologies.) Hosted by Dom Ford and Paweł Grabarczyk. This is the fifth episode of ITU Playcast, a podcast by the Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen. Each episode, we have a chat about one academic paper and one game. Notes: Wade, Alex. (2021). ‘Red Threads: Robert Maxwell and the Early UK and International Videogames Industry’. Game Studies, vol. 21, issue 4. Daniel Mullins Games. (2021). Inscryption. Published by Devolver Digital.